1. Doubtless Gwen 

  2. Bang Bang. Pom Pom.

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    walt siegl motorcycle - julien roubinet

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    This week, the Trust for Public Land donated nearly 6,000 acres of stunning coastal landscape in Santa Cruz County, California, that will now be managed by the BLM for public recreation and preservation of natural resources. Known as Coast Dairies land, the donation completes a long-term effort by partners and local communities to provide a natural landscape that can be experienced and enjoyed as public lands. 

    BLM lands will connect the Coast Dairies shoreline beach, recently donated to California State Parks, to the Santa Cruz Mountains east of Highway 1. The landscape includes stunning coastal terraces, rolling pastoral grasslands, oak woodlands and redwood forest. Come #DiscoverTheCoast.

    Photos by Jim Pickering, BLM

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  7. Old Mercedes

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    classic Porsche san francisco - julien roubinet

  9. Elliot Bay, Seattle

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  11. Animals of Mongolia
    Mariusz Samol Photography 

  12. Vastness of Mongolia 
    Mariusz Samol Photography

  13. Structural fluorescence of brain cells exposed to titanium oxide.
    An afternoon under the fluorescence microscope…

  14. Panorama shot from Higher Squire summit
    North Cascades — Washington State

  15. Summit Sitter (C’est moi)
    North Cascades — Washington State